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Life in Diksha
  • Most competitive salary package
  • We offer competitive salaries and a full benefit package to attract and retain quality personnel.

  • SPOC Programme
  • The Single Point of Contact (SPOC) is an initiative formulated and successfully implemented by us to provide personalized attention to every employee. This program provides all employees with a centralized one-on-one and easily approachable outlet to raise issues, concerns or queries.

  • ESOP
  • The ESOP (Employee Stock Option) policy aims to reward, retain and attract talent at Diksha. This policy recognizes the contribution of key employees to the growth and success of the company and enabling them to participate in the rewards of success by offering them a significant stake in the company's future on continuous basis as and when decided by the management. This benefit scheme is being improved and will be announced shortly.

  • Training & Study Programme
  • We operate in an industry that is undergoing constant change and that requires us to constantly update and develop our professional knowledge as well as to keep up-to-date on what else is going on in the business world. Our training and study programme are designed to promote further learning.

  • Performance Awards
  • We have three distinctive awards to recognise the employees exemplary commitment and excellence at work.

    Performance Awards - Recognises employees' distinctive performance, exemplary commitment and excellence at work.
    Loyalty Awards - Recognises employees' who have exhibited unwavering loyalty and commitment towards Diksha. These Awards are issued out quarterly.
    Antares Award - Recognises an employee for superior performance with a minimum of 8 years of continuous service in Diksha.
    Blaze Awards - Acknowledges and demonstrates immediate and spontaneous appreciation for the outstanding contribution of individuals irrespective of the number of years of experience.
Employee Speak

I have an exciting job here and there are great opportunities in the region. Since joining, I've had the opportunity to participate in several company-wide initiatives to develop efficient processes leveraging technology and our diverse employee knowledge base. I thoroughly enjoy the culture, and our management always make themselves available for questions and insight.

Also, I get the energy I need from a great working atmosphere. Diksha is an employer that greatly emphasises the health and safety of its employees; from healthy meals and fitness challenges to educational safety programmes and demonstrations. Overall, it's a great place to be in.

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