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Life in Diksha

We share common goals and visions for the company. We create an atmosphere that fosters excellence and original thinking, allowing personal and corporate progress.

Team Building Exercises

Diksha encourages several indoor and outdoor team activities. From outbound training (OBT) to relaxing resort holidays – we make sure every member joins the fun. The team building exercises are unique and specially designed to cater to real life working scenarios and issues that arise on day-to-day functioning of teams. Our team building exercise brings in the element of ‘fun with learning’ to ensure participants go back with a positive mindset.

Open Door Policy

We strongly encourage an environment in the company in which one may openly and freely discuss one's views along with their team members, line managers or top management. This free and open exchange of ideas and opinions conducted in a non-threatening environment is an integral part of our culture.

Equal Employment Opportunities

Our management treats everyone equally, impartially and fairly and we encourage effective affirmative action programs to promote diversity in the work force. Everyone here is a hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. Our leaders support everyone’s professional development and growth and appreciate them for good work.

360-Degree Feedback

We follow a 360-Degree Feedback system where an employee development feedback that comes from all employees. The feedback comes from subordinates, peers and super ordinates in the organisational hierarchy, as well as from self-assessment.

Highlighting Performers

We create profiles of top performers and make them visible through our intranet and display boards. This encourages others to put in their best- creating a competitive environment.

Flexi – Working Time

Our employees work during a common core time period each day but have discretion in forming their total workday from a flexible set of hours outside the core.

Job Enrichment

We redesign the jobs in a way that increases the opportunities for the employees to experience feelings of responsibility, achievement, growth, and recognition.

LYNX – An employee portal

Lynx provides our employees a platform for maintaining interaction with the organisation - making them independent on functions which are close to them.

Open Book Management

We believe in a culture of participative management by igniting the creative endeavours of our workforce. We make our employees an interested party towards our strategic decision making, thus aligning them with the company's business objectives.

Employee Engagement

We believe employees can interact with each other on a more personal level when they work in a conducive environment. We get to know each other through a series of gatherings such as organizing work teams, holding company lunches, and engaging in activities. Our employees and their families enjoy a host of activities all year-round.

Employee Speak

I have an exciting job here and there are great opportunities in the region. Since joining, I've had the opportunity to participate in several company-wide initiatives to develop efficient processes leveraging technology and our diverse employee knowledge base. I thoroughly enjoy the culture, and our management always make themselves available for questions and insight.

Also, I get the energy I need from a great working atmosphere. Diksha is an employer that greatly emphasises the health and safety of its employees; Overall, it's a great place to be in.

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