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Telecom Billing

We are constantly working towards a seamless functional integration between various business and operations conduits. Our solution to meet this objective lies in our proprietary Functionality Integration Platform – DEPLOY™. Deploy caters to such challenges and requirements effectively providing an edge to the users.

"Deploy enables you with access to a wide range of tools which can give you significant cost savings and help retain knowledge in-house"

Deploy helps to functionally integrate various systems in a Telco eco-system. It provides enterprise-wide data flow management and integrations; it connects functional data points and exposes functional units as web services.

It provides a single Infrastructure to access enterprise wide software components, simplifying complex BSS/OSS integrations. Front-office applications communicate under a common framework. Its pluggable nature eases replacement/upgrade of BSS/OSS and other components.

Deploy has the capability to integrate all these end-to-end processes by sewing them into one single workflow. It simplifies these intricate processes with a highly interactive GUI which provides Drag & Drop capabilities.

  • Deploy being a generic platform can integrate applications from a functional perspective and is flexible to accommodate new domain functionalities
    Front office or third party applications can be integrated to communicate with workflows to complete a business activity
  • Deploy monitors and examines various system parameters
    Deploy is equipped to measure the overall system performance, database performance and processes launched via its workflows. The metrics thus obtained are critical to business functions. It also has an in-built mechanism to notify the user and suspend the activities in case of a fault.
  • Deploy orchestrates various workflow activities from not only a business perspective but from a technical execution perspective
    At run-time the entire activity can be monitored for progress. It not only escalates errors for resolution but suspends activities until it has been resolved. For example- if the CPU usage is high then Deploy notifies the user with an option of 'restart', 'resume' or 'pause'.
  • Deploy does not introduce unwarranted load into the integrated system
    Components introduced are light weight and deployed easily.
Customer Speak
  • "Engaging Diksha as service provider has turned out to be an excellent value proposition for us. Their consistency in terms of deliverables and ownership is quite remarkable."
    - APAC Based Telecom Operator
  • "... For us the key requirement was to setup an expert team of BSS professionals in a very short span of time. Diksha were able to achieve this with commendable ease and completed the project with 2 weeks to spare ..."
    - Leading Systems Integrator
  • "Diksha's team have been working very closely with us assisting with various project activities. They have played a critical role in the configuration design and implementation activities but additionally, we've had great service from test analysts, developers and solution designers across various project streams."
    - Renowned APAC Based Telco
  • "My management group here are very impressed with all of the Diksha team we've had on site and I have no hesitation in recommending them as very capable Kenan resources."
    - USA Based Telco
  • "Diksha has provided us with comprehensive support not only on the migration & upgrade but also on the integration of various systems that enabled us to meet fast growing business needs."
    - Leading Cable Services Provider
  • "Diksha have helped us in AD&M for over 4 years now. They have been able to improve efficiencies and reduce costs for us. The project managers are flexible, easy to work with and most importantly, listen to your needs. I would credit the entire success to them ..."
    - Pan-European Telecom Operator
  • "Diksha has shown diligence, hard work, consistent delivery and sincere partnership. Thanks to the team for spending long hours to ensure our collective success. I am very pleased and appreciative of all your contributions"
    - Leading Systems Integrator
  • "Congratulations to the team on technical expertise, for tireless follow-ups and agility to adapt to a rapidly changing environment making this achievement quite remarkable!!!!"
    - Leading Cable Services Provider
  • "I would like to thank Diksha team which supported us for the successful delivery of the STAR project. The go live of the STAR project was an absolute success and the contribution from Diksha team towards this was excellent. I have no qualms in recommending Diksha."
    - Leading Systems Integrator
  • "Willingness to work with me to adjust work schedules, allocation of resources and dollars of cost are the factors I like the most about Diksha because of which I would like to engage them ..."
    - Leading Systems Integrator
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